SixthSense : All new 3D sound horror shooting game

SixthSense ist ein Zombie-Shooter und funktioniert mit VoiceOver. Das Game hat auch eine eigene Sprachausgabe. Hierzu muss VoiceOver deaktiviert werden. Benötigt werden für dieses Spiel Kopfhörer, da es sich um ein akustisches 3D Spiel handelt.
Empfohlen von einem Teilnehmer der WhatsApp-Gruppe BlindPlayer.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers

All new 3D sound horror shooting game!
In the dark, You can only hear hostly footsteps of zombies approaching, gun firings against zombies And following screams.
You'll be as scared as having a real zombie right next to you in first-person.
Voice over service available for blind
You don't need a vision to experience this whole new world.
Its 3D surround sound provided you with maximum reality and fear!
The thrilling zombie sounds and queer surroundings of caves and forrest.
Ranking system : Get a higher score than your friends!
Various zombies : 10 different zombies!
Beat the boss zombie.
Various items - 10 items! Use guns, grenades and armors for upclose fights!
How to play

1. Player needs to eliminate zombies by firing(swapping) towards them from 5 directions( 9 / 10:30 / 12 / 1:30 / 3 clock hours)

2. For each starts for each waves, you'll meet a girl who needs a help. But, you need to watch out for zombies.

3. When an animal zombie approaches you, you need to push them out by shaking your machine.

You can hit zombies' head when they pause their breathing.
You can get a higher score and gold for headshots.
You can send coins to your friends every 12 hours.
1. You need a headset to play this game.
2. A noisy place might be not appropriate for the game play.
Extra charges might be added to your iTunes account when you purchase extra items. You can decide whether to purchase items on the application.

Release Notes:

- GampeCenter Support
- Facebook Support
- minor bugs fixed
- BGM added
- Grenade Sale
App Store

App Details:

  • Version 1.2
  • Released on December 27, 2012
  • File Size: 104 MB

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