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ColorSay Kurzbeschreibung: Farbscanner-App

Die App ColorSay für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch lässt die Farben in der Umgebung sprechen. Durch zahlreiche Funktionen lässt sich die Funktionsweise der App für alle Bedürfnisse und Umstände individuell anpassen.

ColorSay VoiceOver Kompatibilität: sehr gut

ColorSay ist optimiert für die Verwendung mit den iOS Bedienungshilfen insbesondere VoiceOver. ColorSay kann nach dem öffnen der App in der Benutzung auch ohne VoiceOver verwendet werden und sagt die anvisierten Farben an.

ColorSay VoiceOver Einschränkungen: keine

Allgemeine Informationen zur App ColorSay

Die folgenden Informationen entsprechen den Angaben des Herstellers im App Store

Now you can make the environment sound! By using the camera of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can scan your surroundings and ColorSay will make the colors audible to you.

ColorSay calls the colors by name!

Set up one of five color sets for speech output, and ColorSay will announce the name of the closest known color. ColorSay identifies the color names in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

ColorSay converts colors into tones!

Choose between different sound modes for sonochromatic reproduction of the color impressions. The dominant colors of an image will be interpreted as tones in real-time, which will enable you to identify the individual color families acoustically.

ColorSay is optimized to use the iOS accessibility features including VoiceOver, but does not rely on these in order to work without limitations.

ColorSay is a color scanner and suitable for blind users, people with color blindness, defective color vision, red-green blindness, blue-yellow blindness, color vision deficiency, achromatopsia, achromasia, dyschromatopsia, protanopia (red blindness), deuteranopia (green blindness), tritanopia (blue blindness), monochromaticity ...

... and it’s for everyone who would like to rediscover the world of colors!

Release Notes:

Some minor issues have been fixed.
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App Details:

  • Version 1.95
  • Released on March 23, 2013
  • File Size: 41 MB


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