Chess-wise 3

Chess Wise ist ein barrierefrei mit VoiceOver exzellent bedienbarer Schachcomputer und Lernprogramm. Alle Buttons sind beschriftet und das Spielfeld gibt bei jedem Feld Feedback darüber welche Figur sich darauf befindet.
Chess Wise ist in verschiedenen Versionen verfügbar. Die aktuelle Version ist kostenlos und kann per In-App-Kauf auf die Pro-Version aktualisiert werden. Die Version 2 ist in einer kostenlosen und kostenpflichtigen PRO-Version verfügbar. Eine ausführliche Anleitung und Erfahrungsbericht findest Du hier.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers zu Version 3

With Chess-wise 3 you can play chess, analyse games, annotate game notations, play online, solve exercises, watch training videos and much more.

- Games are represented as trees, so they can have side-lines. This means when analysing moves, this will not anymore overwrite the moves of the main game
- On the new annotation screen, you can add comments and !! - or ?? to the moves
- The communication with the FICS server has been complete rewritten and is now much more stable
- The FICS interface has more features (support for multiple accounts, iMessage-like chatting, friend list)
- Improved database (re-order games in a PGN file) and setup screen (move pieces on the board)
- Landscape views for the opening and endgame browser, showing the possible moves next to the board
- Over 250 links to free training videos
- Separate screen to select the pieces orientation, when playing with 2 players
- Help file with tutorial for each major use case

Each screen has been re-designed to give a better user experience, focussing on the main actions that people want to do on that screen.

Any suggestions for further improvements (as well as bug reports) are welcome at

Release Notes:

- compatible with currently available iPhones and iPads
- import games from clipboard
- retrieve forgotten Multi password
- peek button for blind chess
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App Details:

  • Version 3.5.0
  • Released on February 7, 2014
  • File Size: 42 MB

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