Bring! Einkaufsliste

Die App Bring ist eine Einkaufsliste für Android und iOS. Es gibt auch eine Skill für Amazon Echo und Echo Dot.

Mary führt euch in ihrem Podcast die App vor.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers

Your beautiful and simple grocery list. Try it out now - it's free!

Bring! helps already over 2 million people around the world to plan and manage their grocery shopping. Thanks to the user-friendly shopping list and clever sharing functions, all people in the household are always aware of what needs to be bought. This way, you save a lot of time and money while shopping. Try it out now - it's completely free!

Bring! won «Best of Apple Watch 2015» and was featured many times by Apple. In addition, Bring! is recommended by Gizmodo, MacWorld, TechCrunch and many more.

The most important features of Bring! are:
- Create and share your shopping lists with your family, colleagues or friends
- Templates for all shopping lists you need - for your home, office, club or for holidays with friends
- Bring! is optimized for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and is available for other mobile platforms
- Add product photos to the items on the shopping list, so you always buy the right brand
- Send clever, ready-made messages to inform your contacts that you are going shopping or have changed the list
- Manage your recipes and import new recipes on your iPad by drag & drop
- The Bring! catalog includes several hundred articles. If something is missing, you can add articles yourself

The Bring! Shopping list can be downloaded and used free of charge. If you have feedback for us, please send an email to

Simply clever shopping with Bring!

Release Notes:

Hey Siri, add milk to my shopping list in Bring!.

Don’t have a free hand right now? Don’t worry! From now on, Siri will help you manage your Bring! shopping list. Try it now!

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App Details:

  • Version 3.19.0
  • Released on December 5, 2012
  • File Size: 109 MB



Die Zugänglichkeit von Android ist sehr durchwachsen und abhängig vom Endgerät, Hersteller und Version des Betriebssystems. Es ist nicht bekannt - sofern nicht weiter unten anders angegeben - ob die App auch mit den Bedienungshilfen von Android verwendet werden kann. Für Feedback und verlässliche Informationen von Dir als Android-Nutzer wären wir sehr dankbar. Es gibt neben dem Google Play Store noch den Amazon App Store für Android Apps. Die Preise unterscheiden sich manchmal. Hier erfährst Du, wie Du dein Android-Gerät mit dem Amazon App Store verwenden kannst.

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Bring! Einkaufsliste
Bring! Einkaufsliste
Entwickler: Bring! Labs AG
Preis: Kostenlos

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