BigBrowser – by Braille Institute

Der BigBrowser ist, wie der Name schon sagt, ein großer Browser, der speziell an die Bedürfnisse sehbehinderter Nutzer angepasst ist.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers

BigBrowser is an Internet browsing application designed to help Low Vision users more easily navigate the web on their iPads. It’s extra large keyboard and controls, expanded pinch zooming, and multiple color themes make content easy to read.

Features include:
- Large, easy to use navigation controls (double tap 'back' button to review browsing history)
- Easy access to various color themes using sliding navigation access
- Enhanced pinch zooming for greater magnification
- Easy-to-read browsing history and favorites page
- Large search and URL fields
- Easy-delete buttons to quickly clear text fields
- Quick-access URL extension buttons (.com, .org, .net, etc.)
- Quick dismiss/deploy controls to hide/unhide the keyboard and navigation controls (simply select the big blue "B" to dismiss/deploy)
- Three browser window tabs
- VoiceOver functionality
- Quick access to Braille Institute resources, website, Facebook page, etc.

BigBrowser utilizes custom features that were created specifically for those who require increased magnification to read. It was designed to enhance your browsing experience, however, there are limitations. In this initial iteration of BigBrowser, the custom keyboard does not interface with text fields within web pages due to some constraints within iOS. Also, certain web pages (YouTube and Twitter being the most prominent) don’t allow for pinch zooming when viewed on an iPad. Both of these limitations are out of our hands but we will keep working to find a solution that can be included in future updates. The Apple ratings system requires that this app be rated 17+ solely because it does not restrict the user's ability to locate and view certain materials on the web.

We hope that you enjoy using BigBrowser and welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this great application. You can reach us

About Braille Institute of America
Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate barriers to a fulfilling life caused by blindness and severe sight loss.
We offer a variety of free programs, classes and services at five Centers and 220 Community Outreach locations throughout Southern California.

Each year Braille Institute serves more than 75,000 people. We provide an environment of hope and encouragement through integrated educational, social, and recreational programs, services, classes, and seminars.

Our rich history dates back nearly a century. We are operated and funded almost entirely through private individual and foundation sources. Generous donors and dedicated efforts by more than 4,000 volunteers enable staff to provide training, programs and services without charge.

Release Notes:

+ UI Fixes
App Store

App Details:

  • Version 1.2
  • Released on February 20, 2013
  • File Size: 21 MB


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