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Audible bietet Hörbücher jeglicher Genres für den deutschsprachigen Markt an. Ein kommerzielles Hörbuch-Angebot. Die hochkarätigen Produktionen bestechen vor allem mit prominenten Sprechern, dessen Stimmen man aus dem Rundfunk und Fernsehen kennt. Viele Synchronsprecher sprechen auch kommerzielle Hörbücher. Auf Audible gibt es sowohl gekürzte als auch ungekürzte Hörbücher.
Die App ist mit Voice Over für Blinde und Sehbehinderte bedienbar. Die Hörbücher werden als digitales Hörbuch zum herunterladen angeboten. Kunden können die Bücher auch mittels iTunes auf CD brennen. Eine sinnvolle und ernst zu nehmende Ergänzung zum Angebot der Hörbüchereien. Audible bietet seine Hörbücher zum Einzelpreis aber auch in Form eines Abos zum Festpreis an. Im Abo erhält man jeden Monat ein Hörbuch-Guthaben, welches auch nicht verfällt. Die mit dem Hörbuch-Guthaben erworbenen Bücher finden sich dauerhaft in der eigenen Audible-Mediathek. Audible gestattet über die Webseite bei Nichtgefallen eines Hörbuches bis zu 2 Umtausche.

Neukunden bekommen zumeist ein Probe-Abo. Her erfährst Du mehr.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers

What’s more powerful than a voice in your ear? Whether you’re in bed, commuting or driving a voice can make you imagine anything. Feel every word with Audible, an Amazon company.

That book you’ve been meaning to read? Try downloading it as an audiobook. All the best sellers are here as well as classics, non-fiction and much more. Gone are the days of books on tape or abridged CDs. These are professionally narrated by the world’s best actors and performers.

If you love to read books then blast through your reading list without adding to your already-busy schedule. That’s because you can listen while commuting, driving, running or just about anywhere else.

With the world’s largest selection of audiobooks and premium spoken-word entertainment, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Find best sellers such as Girl on the Train, A Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, 50 Shades of Grey, Me Before You and the Chimp Paradox as well as a wide range of popular categories like:

• Crime and thriller
• Science fiction
• Fantasy
• Romance
• Horror
• Mindfulness and meditation
• Business
• Kids books
• The bible, religion & spirituality and more

Listen anytime, anywhere. Your library automatically syncs across all your devices.

Still not convinced? How about we give you 30 days to try Audible completely free? If it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime. No annual contracts, no strings attached. You can even keep your free book.

But if you love it and want more (which we think you will), you’ll automatically get one credit each month that you can redeem for any book on Audible. All for just £7.99 per month. And if you don’t love your book, you can exchange it, any time for any reason. Members also get deals, free audiobooks and surprise gifts.

Whether you’re a heavy book reader or just curious to give it a try, Audible is the best way to complement your books and ebooks with more fiction, non-fiction, podcasts and more.
Turn your everyday moments into story time. Listening to Stephen Fry perform Harry Potter makes for great bedtime stories for kids or adults alike.

Stumped on what to listen to first? Go to the “discover” section of the app and see our best sellers, new releases and personalized recommendations.

App Features

• Our audiobook player makes it easy to skip ahead or back by 30 seconds or navigate through chapters
• Use the sleep timer to stop narration if you drift off
• Speed up or slow down the narration by up to 3x to suit you
• Try samples for free to see if a story is for you

Download the app and download your first audiobook for free.
Visit us at

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is Audible a reading app?
Audible lets you listen to great audiobooks. The combination of an incredible performer plus the ability to listen while you multi-task make Audible indispensable for any book lover.

• What’s the difference between Audible and an ebook reader?
What makes Audible different than ebooks or printed books is that you can hear a story be professionally performed while doing something else.

• Does Audible have story books for kids?
Yes, Audible has loads of great content for kids (especially great on those long car journeys that can be transformed into story time for kids).

• What genres are available on Audible?
Everything from best sellers to gangster tales, the latest hit novel, even ghost stories. It’s all on Audible.

• Can I stream and download my audiobooks?
Your library is kept in the cloud, so whatever device you’re on, you’ll always have your books ready to go. When you want to listen, tap on the book and it will begin downloading to your device.

• So what’s the correct spelling? Audiobooks or audio books?
We like “audiobooks”. Some say “audio book player” or “talking book” but that barely does the amazing performances justice.

• I just want to read free books!
Well, maybe we can tempt you to listen to one instead? Join Audible and your first 30 days are absolutely free.

Release Notes:

• We've made a number of improvements for our VoiceOver users
• Refined the player screen in preparation for upcoming features

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where downloads could get stuck in the queued state
• Fixed an issue where the playback progress bar in Control Center would not be updated correctly
• Fixed a rare crash when downloading a book that has enhanced chapter titles
• Fixed localization issues for Spanish speakers
• Fixed localization of the listening history graph

We're constantly striving to make your Audible experience better. If you have feedback or face any issues, please reach out to us at or on Twitter at @audibleuk.
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App Details:

  • Version 3.5
  • Released on January 11, 2011
  • File Size: 86 MB



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