TextGrabber + Translator: text erkennen, übersetzen und speichern‏

Der Textgrabber war vor dem KNFB-Reader zusammen mit Prizmo die brauchbarste mobile Schrifterkennung.

Mit dem Textgrabber lassen sich Fotos mittels OCR (Schrifterkennung) in lesbaren Text umwandeln.

Nach dem Erwerb dieser App findest Du eine ausführliche Anleitung zur App auf VO-Portal.

Der Textgrabber ist auch als Desktop-Version für Mac und Windows verfügbar.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers

ABBYY TextGrabber easily and quickly digitizes fragments of printed text, reads QR codes and turnes the recognized result into actions: call, write, translate into 100+ languages, search in the Internet or on maps, create events on the calendar, edit, voice and share in any convenient way.
When you point a camera at printed text, TextGrabber instantly captures information and recognizes it without connecting to the Internet. A unique real-time recognition mode extracts information in 60+ languages not only from documents, but from any surfaces.
Translation is available as a separate in-app purchase.

***** Winner of SUPERSTAR Award in the "Mobile Productivity App", "Mobile Image Capture App" and “Text Input” categories in Mobile Star Awards
“TextGrabber is probably the best app which adds another function to your iPhone: a scanner”- The Irish Times
“The results get delivered relatively fast, which is great. A must have for students” - appadvice.com
“The Best Image-to-Text App for iPhone” - lifehacker.com
• Innovative Real-Time Recognition mode based on ABBYY RTR SDK technology will digitize printed text directly on the camera screen without taking photographs.
• Text recognition in 60+ languages, including Russian, English, German, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese and Korean, without an Internet connection.
• All links, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses and dates after digitization become clickable: you can click on the link, phone, write email, find the address on the maps or add an event to the calendar.
• Full-text translation into 100+ languages (Internet connection is required, separate in-app purchase).
• QR code reader.
• Powerful text-to-speech capability with the VoiceOver system feature.
• Adjustable font sizes and audio prompts to assist visually impaired people: you can increase the font size and use sound prompts to interface elements.
• Share the results to any app installed on the device via the system menu.
• All extracted text is automatically backed up and can be easily found in the “History” folder
With ABBYY TextGrabber you can save and translate any printed text you need with a tap of your screen:
• Texts from TV screen or smartphone
• Receipts
• Labels and counters
• Travel documents
• Magazine articles and book fragments
• Manuals and instructions
• Recipe ingredients, etc.
OCR HINT: Please select the appropriate language (up to three at a time) before recognition
Twitter: @ABBYY_Mobile
Facebook: fb.com/AbbyyMobile
VK: vk.com/abbyylingvo
YouTube: youtube.com/c/AbbyyMobile

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Release Notes:

We are excited to announce the completely new TextGrabber 6!
The new real-time recognition feature brings TextGrabber to an entirely new level. Try it now and leave a review, please!

With our innovative real-time OCR technology, you can capture text directly from your camera screen, without the need to take a photo and crop it. The digitized text instantly becomes actionable: it can be copied, edited, shared, translated into 100+ languages or read using VoiceOver. Links, phones, emails, street addresses and dates become clickable to easily perform the corresponding task – follow, call, email, find on maps or add to the calendar.

The UI has not been neglected either. TextGrabber has been redesigned in crisp green and white and the following improvements have been made:
• A “Save” button has been added to the results screen to enable you to save only the fragments you need.
• The camera can now be launched from the notes screen with the large convenient button.
• The “Share” dialog box has been replaced with a system one, where you can send the results to any app on your device.
• Photo OCR has also been given a complete overhaul to achieve faster OCR speeds and a smaller memory footprint.

Please leave a review if you like ABBYY TextGrabber 6.
Thank you!
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App Details:

  • Version 6.0.1
  • Released on June 2, 2011
  • File Size: 87 MB



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