Hier bin ich – Adress-Widget für den aktuellen Standort und App für GPS Monitoring

Das kleine mit Voice Over zugängliche Widget zeigt euch, anhand der GPS-Daten an, vor welcher Haustüre, in welcher Straße, oder wo man sonst noch stehen, sitzen oder, oder, oder, kann an.
Widgets werden wie folgt aktiviert:

  • Mitteilungszentrale herunterziehen
  • Ganz unten den Knopf „Bearbeiten“ öffnen.
  • Das Widget Aktivieren
  • Bei bedarf mit den gewohnten Funktionen an die richtige Position bewegen
  • Abschließend „Fertig“ antippen.

Kleines, hilfreiches Tool für den Alltag.

Empfohlen von Bernd G.

Beschreibung des Herausgebers

*** Get your current location’s ADDRESS & more at your fingertips and share it with others! ***

*** // TOP-RANKINGS // ***

* May 2015: Top placements in the German Download Charts: #2 in „Navigation“ and #44 overall!!!

New users worldwide continuously are pushing "Here I am" into the TOP 100 Navigation Download Charts of the App Store in 36 countries to date.

* TOP-100 RANKINGS TO DATE IN: Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldava, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam.

*** // THE BENEFIT OF „HERE I AM“ // ***

"Here I am" shows your current (==) ADDRESS (==) (and more GPS data) in an unmatched convenient way on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Try out to explore your current ADDRESS including street name and number, zip code and city with any other maps app: that's how you will waste time. "Here I am" delivers your current location's ADDRESS information easily and quickly: that's how you will save time.


(==) GPS MAPS (==) of „Here I am“ are an innovation that enriches maps not only with the human readable address, but also with location coordinates (geocoordinates or UTM coordinates), velocity, height and GPS accuracy without having to navigate to a specific function first.


The (==) SHARING FEATURE (==) allows you to immediately share your current location with others over SMS, iMessage, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and 3rd party services and to copy it to to the Pasteboard for the following use with another app. Automatically generated Weblinks, Short-URLs and vCards allow any recipients of your message to get to know your current location without having to use „Here I am“ themselves.

*** /// WHOM IS „HERE I AM“ MADE FOR? // ***

„Here I am“ is especially usefull for the following people and situations:

Holidaymakers and Business Travellers, Employees of Rescue Services, for Outdoor Activities, for Communication with Family and Friends, as quick Address Information during a phone call, when calling a Taxi, as Altimeter, as Tachometer, e. g. when travelling by rail or ship, etc...

*** // GPS MAPS // ***

Do you belong to the people who increasingly rely on the location services of their mobile device when traveling?

"Which GPS accuracy exactly does my device provide?"
"What is my current speed?"
"What are my location coordinates as longitude and latitude?"
"At what height above sea level am I?"

(==) GPS Maps (==) give you the answers disclosing all GPS data for you. They include:

* Latitude and Longitude for Geocoordinates
* Zone, Easting and Northing for UTM Coordinates
* Horizontal Accuracy (unit selectable)
* Vertical Accuracy (unit selectable)
* Height above Sea Level (unit selectable)
* Speed (unit selectable)

*** // MAIN PRINCIPLES of „Here I am“ // ***

You can trust in the main principles that „Here I am“ incorporates:

(==) AdsFree (==): "Here I am" is completely free of ads.

(==) SpySafe (==): NO data tracking! NO data are subject of any business behind the scene. „Here I am“ is made in Germany.

(==) MoneySafe (==): NO In-App-Purchases!

(==) BatterySafe (==): Power consumption happens exactly only as long as an App, Widget or Glance is visible on screen.

The heavy use of GPS in the background can tremendously decrease the runtime of your battery. Other than typical apps for navigation or GPS tracking, "Here I am" by design doesn't use any battery power when it runs in the background.

Release Notes:

Hotfix for Version 1.4: removed a critical bug
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App Details:

  • Version 1.4.1
  • Released on October 31, 2014
  • File Size: 12 MB

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